Agness Bashir was born in Tbilisi (Georgia).
At age of six she manifested talent for music. Since then she has pursued serious music studies at the Musical School (Primary and Secondary) in the city Vladikavkaz (North Ossetia).At the age of 14 she participated in Competition for performing Music of 20 century where she won  1st Prize

She graduated from the Russian Academy of Music in the name of “Gnesin’s” in Moscow in 1968, were she received her Master degree in Musicology, Composition and Piano. After marrying Mr. Fikri Bashir, a fellow Iraqi musician in Moscow, Agnes moved to Iraq and since then has worked as a concert pianist, composer, music teacher at The Music and Ballet school and Fine Arts Institute and was involved   in organizing concerts and special musical events and Festivals.

Along with her husband, Agnes was one of founders of the Music and Ballet School, Baghdad Chamber Ensemble and participated in reorganization of Symphonic Orchestra.

In 1990 Agnes Bashir was awarded the First Prize for composition by the Ministry Of Culture and Information (Baghdad).

Since 1992 she resided in Amman, Jordan. She worked with National Music Conservatory and participated in Jarash Festival in 1994,1995 performing her own compositions In 1996 she participated in the Spring Festival in Paris (France) and 10th International Congress for “Women in Music” in Los-Angeles (USA) and contributed in Fuiggi Festival, where she became an Honorary Member Adkins-Chitti Foundation.
In 1998 she got Medal of Recognition from the Italian Prime Minister Office for Equal Opportunities for Men and Women.


In 1999 was she got medal of International Order of Merit (I.O.M.), It became her official title.



In 2000 she established AAWM (Arab Alliance of Women in Music).
In 2000 attended 27th International Millennium Congress on Arts and Communications, Washington DC (USA), where she received Award for her performance and Medal for Distinguished Participation.
The same year participate in the 2nd Festival of Women-Creators of the two seas the Mediterranean and the Black Sea organized by UNESCO in Saloniki (Greece).

Her name included in such dictionaries as “Who is who in music”, ”Who is who of Intellectuals , ”Five Hundred Leaders of Influence on the Art of  20th century”.

In 2003-Participation in the Festival “Arabic Perspectives” Cairo (Egypt).
In 2003- Participation in the Festival in the city Al Safi (Morocco).
In 2003- Concerts with American Pianist Heather O’Donnel and Palestinian Soprano Tania Nasir.
In 2004-Concert at the American University in Cairo (Egypt).
Producing CD “Memories of  Baghdad” that includes symphonic and solo compositions.
In 2004- participation and performing her own Music at “Pergamon” Museum during  the Congress “Tracing  Migrations” (Berlin,Germany).
In 2006-music was published and performed in the USA.
In 2006-composing and conducting music for a film ” Adventures of Prince Ahmad”, (Joint Project of University of Jordan and Goethe Institute (Germany).
In 2006-Project with UNESCO (Iraqi office) Summer School “Healing through music” for talented Iraqi students.
In 2007- “Winter school”(following Project “Healing through music”).
In 2007-(March) Concert in connection with Cervantes Institute performing her own music.
In 2007-Project with UNESCO Summer School “Healing through music” for talented Iraqi ,Jordanian and Syrian students in August.
In 2007-(September) Recording music for a film ” Adventures of Prince Ahmad” in London(Trinity College) .
In 2009-(January) Concert of music of A.Bashir in Granada(Spain).

In 2009 – (July) establishing of Open Jordanian Youth Orchestra.
2010-2011 following the project of O.J.Y.O.